May 26, 2023

8 Reasons why to invest in Dubai Real Estate

Dubai offers a variety of accommodation options that fit any budget and provide high-quality living spaces. Ex-pats of any nationality can now purchase properties from Dubai's freehold property market, which offers a 99-year-long visa. Dubai has tax-free living for everyone, making it an attractive place to build a future, increase savings, and enjoy life. The crime rate in Dubai is low, thanks to stringent laws and an unbiased justice system. Dubai is home to many world-class luxuries, some of which are exclusive to the city, such as the largest shopping mall in the world, the tallest building in the world, and the luxurious hotels and resorts. Finally, Dubai boasts breathtaking buildings and skyscrapers, such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

8 Reasons why to invest in Dubai Real Estate

4 questions to consider before buying a home

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Simple steps to buy a home successfully

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Consider your finance options, and then choose the best one available

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Make an offer with some wiggle room for negotiation

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Which other tips do you recommend when buying a home?

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1. Accommodation for any budget

Finding the right housing option that fits well with your budget might be one of the few challenges that anyone living in a developed economy may expect to experience when moving to Dubai. However, Dubai offers an extensive variety of accommodation options that range from BHK (Bedroom – Hall – Kitchen) to luxurious waterfront villas.

The accommodation standards of Dubai are commendable. The living spaces are maintained under strict, high-quality cleanliness standards, and they are equipped with modern amenities. Residents have several flexible payment plans including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and more.  The government authorities of Dubai recently allowed ex-pats of any nationality to purchase properties from Dubai’s freehold property market.

These properties come with a 99-year-long visa as opposed to a residence visa that requires renewal every three years. Dubai is home to many of the leading property developers and real estate firms. For those who are looking to invest in the real estate market in Dubai, this has proven to be quite rewarding and it is an exciting destination in which to enter the property market.

With the range of accommodation solutions here, and the excellent metro system offering comfortable transportation across the emirate, finding the right property to suit your lifestyle and budget is a breeze.

2. Tax-free income

The emirate offers tax-free living for everyone. Whether you are employed in any organization or you are running your own business in this city, you will not ask to pay any kind of taxes on your income. Moreover, the State Government also offers various advantages and benefits for investors who have set up their businesses in the free zone area in the city.

There are no other taxes like capital gain tax or corporation taxes in Dubai. Even it has now become possible to own a Dubai property due to the freehold law of property ownership. These things have made this city a perfect place to live and invest your money. The tax-free salaries in Dubai make it one of the best places to build one’s future. For most ex-pats who come to Dubai looking for greater opportunities, the tax-free income eventually means more possibility to increase your savings and is an exciting reason to move to Dubai.

With tax-free income and just 5% VAT on goods and services, Dubai offers the rare chance to enjoy life, take a comfortable vacation once in a while, and boost your savings all at once.

3. Low crime rate

Even though Dubai is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world, the crime rate for the nation is remarkably low. The authorities have imposed stringent laws and a well-devised unbiased justice system that effectively brings the wrongdoers to justice.

The reputable Dubai police force and the tolerant policy of the government have made the diverse society in Dubai a comfortable environment for all 200 and more nationalities living in the emirate. The safe environment and calm nature of the country are other important reasons to move to Dubai to add to your list.

The respectable laws of the government have rendered the buzzing streets of Dubai a haven for women, children, and the elderly to walk around even during the night without a problem.

4. Dubai’s lifestyle

If you compare the minimum living standard or lifestyle of this place, you will find it is always improving all the time. And the rate of improvement is quite higher than other fast-progressing economies of the world. Lifestyle options are diverse. This place offers world-class infrastructure and quality products that enhance your lifestyle and let you live your life as you want to.

You can also afford luxury living in one of the posh areas of this city. As huge numbers of people are considering this emirate to live, the cost of living has considerably increased. This has also increased the rents of Dubai’s short-term rental properties.

5. Exclusive experiences

The first reason to move to Dubai, the largest and the most populous city in the UAE, is that this splendid emirate is home to a range of world-class luxuries, some of which are exclusive to Dubai and Dubai only.

Just as Dubai is home to many luxurious spas and retreats that are ideal for a laid-back experience, it is also a great place to enjoy world-class shopping and other attractions.

The lavish city houses the largest shopping mall in the world, Dubai Mall, and the largest themed mall in the world, Ibn Battuta Mall featuring the most popular labels. The towering Burj Khalifa, standing at 828 meters, is the tallest building in the world and is one of the most defining sights in Dubai.

The hospitality and hotel industries in Dubai were poised for greatness from the onset. Equipped with top-of-the-range facilities, the ultra-swanky hotels in Dubai are ready to provide an exclusive experience. The hotel industry in Dubai features a few of the most iconic hotels and resorts in the world including The Bulgari Resort & Residences with the world’s first Bulgari Marina and Yacht Club, The Four Seasons, Kempinski, and more.

The exclusive luxuries of Dubai go beyond the limits of the city. Desert safaris are one of the experiences not to miss. Guests are taken on an adventure to the desert and can go in a more delicate vehicle, or can go on a more exhilarating dune-bashing trip in a bigger vehicle. This gives you the chance to witness the exotic surroundings of the desert that stretches over miles and you may even get the chance to catch a few falcon displays. Breathtaking buildings.

As we know the State Government of the city is investing huge money in construction and building in order to progress the economy of this city. You will find breathtaking buildings and skyscrapers like Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and places like Palm Jumeirah and World Dubai. If you specifically compare the property prices of this city with property prices in the real estate market of Europe, you will find that this city offers more of your money. Houses here are more luxurious and comfortable as compared to Europe.

6. Sumptuous international dining

For self-confessed foodies, the dining opportunities are certainly an enticing reason to move to Dubai. There is never a bad night to eat out in Dubai, as the city features many international restaurants, including those revered by the most famous restaurateurs. Some of the highlights include the dining experience in an aquarium by Michelin starred British chef Nathan Outlaw and the traditional Arabian dining experiences with a wondrous desert backdrop. Although not everyone coming to Dubai will have the chance to experience each of these one-of-a-kind luxuries, being one of the most affordable countries in the world, the UAE brings everybody one step closer to the high-life.

7. A sunny paradise

With around 342 sunny days every year, Dubai is ideal for sun lovers. The average temperature of the city hardly drops and the comfortable, breezier weather from September to May allows residents to enjoy the beautifully landscaped outdoors. Expats from colder countries instantly fall in love with the sandy beaches and the great sunny outdoors.

The city has good weather around 8 to 9 months of the year that allows everyone to enjoy almost all outdoor activities and beaches available here. It has beautiful sunshine every day of the year. The weather is usually warm and pleasant all over the city. Only the summer months give a tough time to residents and visitors. Temperature goes high in the 40s during June and September which makes this place less inviting during the summertime period. But you can find various festivals and shopping galas during this season. The major cause of arranging such activities during the summer season is to attract more visitors and travelers even in the off-season. This increases the city’s earnings that it makes with short-term rental or Dubai holiday rental properties.

As compared to summer, winters are very pleasant and the temperature goes to mid 20’s. As the summer months approach, it is advised to stay indoors. The entertainment providers often come up with new, innovative ways to entertain residents during the summer months while others make use of the generous 30-day paid holiday and pay a visit to a cooler vacation destination. So whether you enjoy the hot weather or prefer to chill in the air-conditioned indoors, you can have fun all year round as there are plenty of things to do both indoors and out, which brings you another appealing reason to move to Dubai.

8. Religious freedom

Dubai is predominantly a Muslim nation. However, the nation maintains a perfect equilibrium in its remarkably diverse atmosphere by promoting tolerance of all religions such as Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

The residents are free to practice any religion and the government has promoted the establishment of all religious institutions such as churches and temples. As a city that welcomes all nationalities and all religious beliefs, Dubai has successfully created an amicable and respectable atmosphere for everyone.

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