About us

Once upon a time in Dubai 3 entrepreneurs got together: two businessmen and one business woman, from different regions in the world and with business experience in different regions (Sri Lanka, South America, Europe (The Netherlands), Africa, and China.

Our Mission & Vision


To help our clients fulfill their investment ambitions in the Dubai real estate market, in a safe and profitable way.


To be a global leader in the Dubai dynamic real estate market by empowering clients’ real estate awareness.

The values that drive everything we do

We build personal and long lasting real (estate) relationships.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and ethical behavior, ensuring that our clients can trust us to always act in their best interests.


We pride our customer-centric in everything we do. Our customers are at the heart of our business, and we strive to provide exceptional service that exceeds their expectations.


We are deeply engaged with our clients, constantly striving to understand their unique needs, and leveraging our expertise and resources to help them succeed in the dynamic world of real estate.


We are the hidden gem in the Dubai Real Estate Business.We make a difference. Our unique competitive advantage is that we have assigned a Compliance Officer and Legal Counsel to ensure our clients are supported in the best way possible.

There is no box

There is no box… thinking! We are
innovative and solution oriented.

Quality first

Quality always over quantity because we care about the individual client.


An abundance of choice through our
established network.

Our founders

Azaad Azmi
CEO | Founder

Azaad Azmi

Azaad Azmi has a keen eye for identifying opportunities and has the ability to build lasting relationships with top corporations and business tycoons.

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Ashik Azmi
CMO | Founder | Marketing - Sales

Ashik Azmi

Ashik has proved his worth by serving his clients, from every corner of the world, with honor, integrity, transparency, trust, passion, and dedication.

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Sharro Jethu
International Business Development | Founder

Sharro Jethu

Sharro has vast experience with empowering teams, motivating the working force to a higher level of efficient working, and having expertise regarding safeguarding quality in companies.

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Our story

Once upon a time, in the cosmopolitan cityscape of Dubai, three exceptional entrepreneurs - Azaad, Ashik, and Sharro - converged through a shared vision. Each brought a unique skill set and a diverse educational background to the table.

Azaad, the visionary, was an adept in interior architecture and design. With a family legacy in the business of creating beautiful homes, he had an inherited knack for aesthetics and creating harmonious spaces. But that wasn't all; Azaad also had international exposure and a web of global connections, which brought an invaluable dimension to their venture.

Ashik, the sales maven and business administrator, was armed with a commerce degree and an extraordinary talent for sales. His deep understanding of the marketplace, strategic acumen, and excellent customer relations made him an integral part of their ambitious plan.

Then there was Sharro. The only woman in the team. Sharro was an international law graduate with a vast network all over the globe. Her prowess in business development, legal intricacies, and her international contacts formed a robust backbone for the company. Her contributions were not just structural but also gave the team a global perspective and reach.

Their collective passion for sports led to the idea of combining their strengths. They drew parallels between the perseverance, strategy, and teamwork required in sports and their ambitions. They decided to approach real estate with the same fervor and dedication, always staying updated with the latest trends and developments.

Together, they embarked on a journey to create R&AA Properties LLC, their very own real estate company in Dubai. Their vision was not only to create value for their clients but also to build lasting relationships.

They aimed to stand out from the multitude of real estate companies in Dubai with their "compliance policy", "there is no box" thinking and a "quality over quantity" policy. They aspired to carve out a niche for R&AA Properties LLC, positioning it as a hidden gem in the crowded Dubai real estate landscape.

Their journey commenced, each day bringing them a step closer to realizing their goal. Their experience, knowledge, and dedication have brought them distinction  in a bustling industry, resulting in the remarkable story of R&AA Properties LLC.

Our Platinum Partners

Because we work closely with our platinum partners you can profit of big advantages. We will be informed after new launches in prior, we have a dedicated developers sales manager working with us closely and we are willing to build a long lasting business relationship with the developers.
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